Sample HUD Bid Zip Code Report 99504

Sample report for Alaska Zip Code 99504

  This report will tell you based on historical bids in a Zip Code!

  • See The List Prices, AsIs Values, and Accepted Bids Amounts For A Particular Zip Code

  • See The Bid Amount As A Ratio Of The List Price
  • See What Other Buyers Offered For HUD Properties In The Zip Code

     What details are included for a Zip Code :

  •      Historical Data For Past 6+ months
  •      All The details Of HUD Home Listings
  •       HUD Case Number
  •       Buyers Bid Amount Sent Into HUD That Was Accepted *
  •       List Price
  •       As Is Value
  •       % or Ratio Of Accepted Bid To List Price  ( 49% to 102% )
  •       Number Of Price Reductions
  •      Owner Occupy Versus Investor


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